Jan 10

DIY Pink Party Hat Pinata

by Jenny Batt

So, I was just sitting around the other day noticing how many grocery ads came in the mail the other day and I wondered what I could do with it. Why not make a pinata? So I grabbed my winter sale flyers and a few extra party hats and got to work. January will be a little more fun this year.

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You will need: newspaper, balloons, glue, freezer paper (to protect work surface), 7 party hats (per pinata), scissors, hot glue gun, tissue paper, double stick tape

This is the first time I have attempted paper mache since elementary school and it was as easy as I remember. Messier, but easy. First, cover your work surface with extra newspaper or freezer paper. Tear your newspaper into strips. Thinner strips, about 1″ wide work better for the smaller balloons. Blow you balloon up only half way so it still remains perfectly round. Add glue to a large bowl, about 1/2 cup, and add water about 1/4 to 1/3 cup, and mix until thin but gooey. Soak each strip in the mix, gently scrape off excess using your fingers by sliding between two and add to your balloon. Flatten strip on balloon. Keep going. I used one full grocery ad, about 4-5 pages per balloon. Once covered completely, except for the very top knotted end, attach a string and hang to dry over freezer paper. Let dry overnight.

Once dry, cut off the balloon knot and cut a pretty circle at the open end. This will make the space to fill in candy or confetti later. Set out 7 party hats. Cut slits around the bottom of the party hat with scissors about 2 inches in. Trim the party hats about 1 inch shorter, leaving 1 inch slits around the bottom. Press out the bottom. Repeat with remaining party hats.

Cut out 5 inch squares of tissue paper. Cut fringe on one side and roll three sheets together. Twist top and insert into the top of each party hat. Secure with a drop of hot glue. Repeat with each hat.

Add hot glue to the flared out bottom tabs of the party hat and press into the side of the pinata base. Repeat with remaining hats until pinata is covered.

Cut small squares, about 1 to 2 inches, out of tissue paper. Add strips of double stick tape over the messy base of the pinata. Press a square of tissue paper over the end of your finger or a pencil and attach to the pinata. Cover the entire base. Using the tip of the scissors or a hole punch, add a hole on each side of the opening and insert string or gold mylar rope to hang. Ta-DA, a traditional style pinata, using some stuff I had laying around the house.


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