Dec 5

Wool Alphabet DIY

I saw these felt letters in Copenhagen and fell in love. I really wanted to figure out how to make them. They are really cute and sweet toys. They make a great Christmas gift or would even be cute attached to the outside of a gift. It’s a pretty simple process and the materials are common household items except for the wool roving which can be found online or at most crafting or knitting stores. See the instructions below.

Material Needed: Wool Roving, Bubble Wrap, Soap, Rolling Pin, Scissors, Hot water, Bowl

Step 1: Lay your bubble wrap (bubbles up) and tear small strips of wool roving and place on top of the bubble wrap creating the shape of the letter. Continue to tear and place the felt, layer upon layeruntil it is around two inches high.
Step 2: Dampen your felt pile with warm soapy water and cover the letter with bubble wrap, bubbles facing down (towards the felt) and roll with rolling pin.
Step 3: Open the bubble wrap and using your fingers roll the felt together to create the desired shape – make it compact as it will expand
Step 4: Place the letter in a dish of hot water. Remove the letter from the dish and squeeze out excess water
Step 5: Start rolling the felt together in between your hands or fingers (creating heat and friction)
Step 6: Use the scissors to help shape the letter (cut if one side is longer than the other or if you need the inside of a letter cleared out)
Step 7: Continue dunking your letter in hot water and rolling the letter in your hands (area, by area – ex. Legs of the “A”, inside of the “A” – you need to work each and every part.) Once your letter is the desired shape and tightness – squeeze out any excess water and let it dry. Each letter takes about 20 minutes.

All photography by Heather Zweig for Oh Happy Day
Art Directed by Jordan Ferney
Crafting by Stacy Wichelhaus


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