Oct 24

Snail Costume

This is one of the last in our Homemade Halloween Series. The main thing you need for this costume is a brown kraft paper to make the shell. The little trick or treater wears it like a backpack. It is a pretty simple process, just try not to leave a trail of slime on the jaunt around the neighborhood for candy. Find the full instructions right here.

Click through for full instructions.Materials Needed: Brown Kraft Paper, Masking tape, Headband, Styrofoam Balls, Ribbon, Glue Gun

Step 1: Make the Shell. Crumple up a large section of brown paper. Starting at the corner, begin rolling it. Once you have a nice section begin wrapping it into a shell. Add tape as you go to hold it in place. Repeat until shell is at desired size. Go back with a glue gun and add glue into the shell so it sticks together without tape.

Step 2: Make another half shell and glue the two sides together. Take a square of cardboard and mount it to the shell. Tie ribbon to it to make a backpack.

Step 3: Make the Head band. Take a section of brown paper and crumple and roll it until it is stiff and stands on its own. Add styrofoam to the end and then hot glue the other end to the head band. Now you got yourself a bonafide snail costume.

Credits and our Talented Contributors:
All photography by Karen Cline of Pretty Simple Productions for Oh Happy Day
Art Directed by Jordan Ferney
Produced by Ashley Rose Kirschling
Styling by Irene Yu
Crafting by Caitlin Barker
Thanks to little ‘S’ for modeling!


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