Oct 2

Fluffy White Cloud Costume

Today we are sharing one of my favorite costumes, this sweet little cloud. This costume was really fun to make and would work amazing for an adult costume too. I love working with paper mache (it reminds me of making pinatas!) because you make something with structure out of flour, paper, and water. Plus it is fun to work with your hands and get a little messy. Find the tips below for making a cloud costume of your own.

Materials Needed: Flour and Water mixture (I like it the same thickness as pancake batter.), Balloons, Paper, Cotton batting or Polyester pillow stuffing, white leotard and tights, white felt.

Step 1: To make the cloud structure we followed this tutorial here. (I think their pillow stuffing looks more cloud-ey than batting, but use what you have.) Leave a generous hole at the bottom for the feet to come out, ours was kind of like a skirt.
Step 2: Cut a hole just big enough for the neck, but cut a slit so the head can slide through, then cut arm holes.
Step 3: Line the parts that will be touching the body like the top and around the neck and arm holes with white felt so the costume is comfortable. If you wanted to make the costume a little easier to wear, just make it a little smaller (like 5 balloons instead of 9 balloons)

Credits and our Talented Contributors:
Photography by Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day
Art Directed by Jordan Ferney
Produced by Ashley Rose Kirschling
Crafting and Calligraphy by Julie Manwaring at Flourish & Whim
“Homemade Halloween” Type by Angela Hardison
Thanks to A for showing us her ballet skills!


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