Sep 27

DIY Splatter Paint Favor Boxes

by Jenny Batt

I’m old enough to remember the craze in the 80s first hand, ok, I was a kid, but I think that is where my love for neon originated. I had to incorporate it into some fun favor boxes. Whether for a birthday party or a wedding, customizing little boxes with a dose of hot pink modernizes even the drabbest of favors.

You will need: craft paint, favor boxes, medium to large sized paint brush, a bit of water

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Take of the tops of the boxes and set on a large piece of  paper or board outside. Squirt some paint, about three tablespoons,  into a mason jar or container and add one teaspoon of water to thin the consistency slightly.

Dip your paint brush in and hold horizontally over the box tops. Tap, a hard tap, over the tops of the boxes to splatter the paint. You could also flick the end of the brush with your fingers, it gets messy!

Be sure to cover the tops and sides for maximum splatter paint design. I can’t stress enough that this is for outside and to wear your ratty clothes. I shot this inside and there was hot pink everywhere! Let the box tops dry completely. Simply pop the tops back on the boxes and fill with favors. Enjoy!

Splatter paint boxes would be fun as gifts, in large sizes, or use the technique to make paper cupcake toppers and garland. Ever since I made this, I have been thinking of  gold splatters on black boxes, amazing, right?


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