Aug 9

Print on Brown Paper Bags

Here is a little trick to print on lunch bags. It took me a few tries to get this right but then it was pretty simple. The secret is to tape down the flaps before you put it in the printer. This would be great for back to school lunches or if you want to brand bags for your wedding or party. If you just use flat paper bags without the flap then you can put them directly in the printer.

Materials: Brown Lunch Sack, Masking tape, Printer

Step 1: Open a program like Adobe Illustrator or even MS Word will work. Make the document size the same size as the paper bag. Create the artwork or words you want to print on the bag.
Step 2: Tape down the opening and tape the flap of the paper bag to the side with the seam. Put the bag in the printer, opening side first.
Step 3: Push print but be sure to change the setting on the printer for extra thick paper.
Step 4: Remove tape and you are ready to go.  Tip: If you try to print on the lower part of the bag it won’t print well because of the flap.


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