Aug 8

Pop Up Dinner Party: Chinatown Alleyway

My favorite part of Chinatown isn’t Grant Avenue with the gates and the shops and pretty lanterns strung across the street. My favorite part is the back alleyways. Chinatown is the oldest part of San Francisco and there are teeny hidden alleyways on every block. I love going for walks and exploring and getting lost in them. I’ve always thought they would make a great place for a pop up dinner party so we finally decided to do one. We chose an alleyway that wasn’t very busy (so we wouldn’t bother anyone.) And then invited some friends for a Chinatown Alleyway dinner party. It was so fun and since we just got Chinese takeout it really could not have been easier. I spent a couple hours prepping and picking up supplies and then we just showed up 45 minutes early to set up. It was the easiest one we’ve done yet! The reason I started doing these is I realized some of the prettiest and coolest places in San Francisco are public property. I love that we get to spend some extra time and make a special memory with friends. For the set up I bought some orangey-red lanterns and rented a red table cloth and napkins. I bought a set of folding chiavari chairs a few years ago and we have a six foot table that folds in half. I keep a set of inexpensive Ikea dishes and silverware to use for outdoor parties like this. So we could really keep the rental expenses low.

We also had some custom Chinese Fortune cookies made. I’ll share a post about that tomorrow. Summer is almost over and this was so fun it made me realize I still want to throw a few more dinner parties while the weather is nice! Would you ever throw a fancy dinner party in the middle of nowhere? (See more pop up dinner parties here.)


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