Jul 10

Party Treat Pockets

by Steph Hung

I’m heading to San Francisco next week to compete in the “Lau Olympics” which is like our family olympics. It’s going to be a showdown of physical challenges like a hula hoop discus, watermelon eating contest, and suitcase relay.  My cousin Sandy asked for help with party favours so I’m planning to make treat pockets. These pockets are a cinch to make and you can put anything in them.  They make tidy snack packs and are a great alternative to the candy bowl that invariably gets mauled by lots of muddy little hands (at least in my family).

Materials you will need:  vellum or parchment paper, double stick tape, 1/2″ coloured tape (trim if wider), scissors, and your choice of fillings – I used candy necklaces, salt water taffy, and candy blocks.

Step 1:  Cut strips of paper:  3.5″x8″ for small, 4″x9″ for medium, and 4.5″x10″ for large.

Step 2:  Place double stick tape along one short end and stick to the other end to form a loop.

Step 3:  Pinch one end and close the opening with a strip of coloured tape.

Step 4:  Fill the pocket.

Step 5:  Pinch the opening in the opposite direction as before and close with coloured tape.


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