Jul 27

Happy Weekend

Happy happy weekend! This is the first real week I’ve felt settled since we moved back from Paris. It feels amazing to be back to regular life with a real schedule. I love San Francisco but I’m starting to feel pretty nostalgic for Paris and our friends there. I guess that means its time to save some pennies for a trip back. What do you have planned this summer weekend? I am hoping for a long bike ride through Golden Gate Park and maybe a visit to the secret slides. Have a happy weekend guys.

Oh Happy Day

I also write for Babble.com. Here are my posts this week! (ps: did you notice their slideshows got super duper fast?)

10 really original kids parties!
15 Inspiring Home Offices!
Have little boys? Here are my favorite shoe sources
Obsessed with these toys. THey are awesome and your kid will probably play with them.
Lots of people were asking where I got the knitted globe from. Here you go!


  • Anni says:

    I think that’s the tough thing about living in multiple amazing cities – part of your heart will always belong to whichever one you’re not currently residing in. I would miss Paris, too!

  • Kristen says:

    I feel the same way though I’m not yet settled. Lets make sure to meet up sometime soon!

  • it really takes a while to get a settled feeling so give yourself some time, the missing thing will go on for a bit. though we just made our first trip back to vienna this summer – a year was a perfect amount of time. We still missed it but had enough time to build our life here. And just as we’re getting comfortable, we’re starting to plan the next move!

  • Emily says:

    Do you have a trick for softening up the heel on the bensimmon sneakers? My son had a pair and they hurt the back of his heel b/c the bent heel inside dug into his heel. Or did we just end up with a particularly smooshed pair? Thanks!

  • Jessica says:

    Oh, wow, your blog is so bright and beautiful. I love it!

    xo, Jessica @ Jessica’s Jewels

  • Odette says:

    Love these posts. I hope you get back to Paris for a visit too. I think my fav post ever was your Paris picnic posts. Have fun on the slides this weekend. I never saw them when I lived in Marin and used to visit my sister in San Fran all the time. I hope to someday. Love your blog :)

  • I can’t even begin to imagine what it must’ve been like to spend a year in Paris! Love that shot, hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Ronnie xo

  • Nicole says:

    I think there is something wrong with your babble.com blog site. Or at least I cannot get to any of you links. Then I went directly to the Babble site and the Family Style, and all links give me a WP_config issue. If it’s me, then I need to fix something…if it’s the site, I hope that it helps!!! Can’t wait to read the posts. Thanks for all your ideas.

    BTW, do you know where we can purchase the GIANT sequins here in the states?

  • Nicole says:

    maybe it’s my computer and i can’t seem to fix it…BLARGH…

  • she says:

    hello there! just dropped by to say i love your blog! :)

  • Pati Mo says:

    I have yet to visit San Francisco, it looks so beautiful! I would miss Paris too, i loved it when i visited. Something about the art, wine and cheese….happy weekend!

  • Lindsey says:

    Yes, please come back for a visit!

  • Paris’ weekend,it must be romantic.Love the style of this picture,it just like a post card.

  • OMG! Your blog is the most fantastic blog I’ve found in the last months! It’s so freakin’ inspiring and beautiful! I spent the last 3 hours with watching your DIY-projects. LOVE IT!

  • Christina says:

    I love your photos! What are you shooting with? I love how the cable car photo looks like it was taken years ago. Really cool.

    I miss Paris too. Was there last July. Something lovely about wandering the streets eating chocolate croissants!

  • Emily says:

    Love your post!Paris is a lovely city to live in!I love Paris!
    Wish you have a good day!

  • Stephanie says:

    Go figure, I wish I lived in San Francisco =) Actually, I still get nostalgic for Florence, too, but the last time I was in the Bay Area, I kept thinking, “Why doesn’t LA have all this awesome stuff?”

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