Jun 5

Tag Sale

Hey guys–we are starting to sell some of our stuff. If you are in San Francisco and need some furniture see here.


  • Tan says:

    That chair is phenomenal! Sadly I’m far too north of the bay :(

  • Kristina says:

    So sad I do not live even close to San Francisco… Great pieces!!

  • rebecca says:

    i adore that dresser. why is chicago so far from sf?

  • Karina says:

    Eyeing that dresser! Too bad I’m not in SF.

  • Judy says:

    Oh, hey, I have a little blue fan like that! Keeping mine, though ;)

  • susan says:

    hi jordan! tried unsuccessfully to leave a comment on the tag sale website but it was acting up so writing here instead.
    i am getting married in just a few weeks and am collecting exactly the kind of cake stands that you are selling, to use for a bunch of wedding cakes my sisters and i are all baking for the big event. (the 6″ size you have is perfect, as we are all obsessed with the miette cookbook and she swears by them !) unfortunately i am not in SF, nor do i know anyone there who could pick it up and mail it for me. if you want to sell it and can be arsed to ship it to me i would be suuuuper happy and would (of COURSE) cover any and all shipping expenses.
    thanks for a rad blog either way!

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