Jun 19

DIY Giant Fringe Garland

by Jenny Batt

Usually we see miniature versions of all of our favorite things, used on cakes or as toppers. Cute and adorable and tiny. Let’s rebel a little. Heard the phrase, “Go big or go home?” That’s exactly what I wanted to do for my brother’s birthday. He always lives life with gusto and adventure. His favorite color is blue but traditional festooning seemed so tiny. So I took few folds of crepe paper and we had a big and bold party decoration that is as awesome as he is.

DIY Giant Fringe Garland | Oh Happy Day!

You will need (for one 7.5 foot garland): 4 folds of crepe paper, stapler, scissors

Take your crepe paper out of the packages and cut in half. You will now have 8 pieces.

Unroll each layer and center it on top of each other on a large flat surface. Straighten and line up edges. Don’t worry about the ends you will trim them later. Fold all the layers in half lengthwise. Crease firmly with your finger.

Staple along the entire folded edge. Trim ends even. Cut fringe, about 1 inch in width, down the length of the garland on the bottom edge. Use your thumbs to stretch each section of fringe with your hands. Separate and fluff.

Stand up and twist the garland in one direction. This is a lot of twisting. Use your fingers to twist along the folded edge in between the fringe layers. There is a lot of twisting, fluffing, and pulling apart of the fringe. You can crinkle it lightly too. The toughest part of this DIY is the fluffing of the fringe. It is super simple, but it takes a while if you want it extra fluffy, not a long while, but about 20-30 minutes for the garland. Luckily, once you fluff it, it is ready to go for any more parties in the future.

Hang or drape as desired. You can add twine or string to the ends and staple on. This garland is roughly 10 inches wide, that’s incredibly bigger than your usual tissue fringe. These would be equally great as a backdrop for a photobooth or dessert table. I’ll be pairing mine with giant balloons for the “go BIG” theme of my bro’s birthday. This garland makes me smile also because he is my little brother, but at 6 foot 2, I always laugh when I introduce him when he is standing next to me and my not so tall 5 foot 5.


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