Jun 7

DIY Cupcake Stand with Free Template

by Brittany Watson Jepsen

It seems like the cupcake craze has now made its way over to Scandinavia. There are a number of cupcakeries popping up all over and I’m certainly not complaining. I figured they needed a stand of their own so I decided to attempt one out of super simple materials and I love how it turned out. Plus, it’s super to pack up and transport to parties or picnics.

Materials: cutting board, matte board color of your choice, spray paint (I choose high gloss gold for ultimate shine), x-acto knife, metal ruler for cutting.

Step 1: I first created a design and then cut out all of the 5 parts below with my x-acto knife. You can download this template to the size that you’d like and use it as a template to transfer to your matte board.

Step 2: Assemble the parts together by first putting part 2 on top of part 1. Continue by stacking part 4 on top of the stand and sliding it down to the bottom rung. Add part 5 by repeating and putting it on the middle rung. Finish it off with part 3 at the top rung.

Step 3: I decided to give it a spray of gold spray paint for extra shine. I first disassembled the parts and then sprayed them and let them dry for a day. Then spray the other side and let dry for a day. That will avoid finger prints in the paint.

Voila! Easy squeezy!

To top it off my sweet husband made rhubarb cupcakes and I used gold liners to create a lovely golden glow against the stand.

Photography by Amanda Thomsen


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