May 7

Water Bottle Chandelier

I’ve wanted to make this chandelier for a few years now so it was especially fun for me to make this project. I first saw water bottle flowers on Magpie Design Studio’s amazing chandeliers. Then I saw a display in Anthropologie a few years ago that used them. They are so easy to make and I love that you are reusing the plastic water bottles. This would be perfect for a party or even just for your living room! See full instructions and more photos after the jump.

Click through for full instructions and photos.

Materials Needed: Plastic Bottles (the cheap thin ones are easiest to work with), Spray Paint, 2 Metal Rings, Scissors + Exacto Knife, A Thin Gauge Wire.

Step 1: Cut Bottles in half and cut varying sizes and shapes of petals out of the top and the bottom.
Step 2: In a well-ventilated area spray the flowers in different colors and let dry.
Step 3: Take the flowers made from the bottom of the bottles and cut a circle in the center big enough for the top of the water bottle head to fit through.
Step 4:  Take the stacked flowers and wire them on two sides to secure them to the metal ring.
Step 5: Once the flowers are wired to the rings attach the two rings using three wires hung evenly.

A special thanks to Alexis Birkmeyer and Heidi Jo for helping me!


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