May 22

Styled Eats: Mini Hot Dogs + DIY Food Containers

I’m so excited to share this post today Alexis Birkmeyer put together. This food presentation would be great for any outdoor picnic or even a Father’s Day lunch. Little bite-sized hot dogs take a bit more work than their bigger counterparts but make the food feel that much more special. We presented these mini hot dogs in simple but genius DIY vellum food containers Alexis came up with. You could use vellum like we did or even use a patterned cardstock to hold any type of picnic food. See below for our free template, photos, and full instructions.

Click through for full instructions.

Materials Needed: Mini Hot Dogs + Buns. (To make the buns, we used this recipe. A half recipe made about 24 mini buns.) Follow the instructions in the recipe, except when shaping, make them about the size and shape of the hot dog. Once they’ve puffed up and been baked, they’ll be the perfect size! We brushed them with egg whites and topped them with sesame seeds before baking.
For the Baskets: Free Printable Template (download here), Exacto Knife, Ruler, Glue Dots, Straight Pin and Wax Paper for a liner.

Step 1: Download, and print the template, but don’t cut it out. Instead, lay it over your vellum, and using a straight pin, mark each corner point with a tiny hole.
Step 2: Remove the template and connect the pin holes to cut out the template.
Step 3: Finish connecting the dots from the pin holes and scoring the fold lines.
Step 4: Fold the corners and allow them to crease.
Step 5. Use a glue dot to secure each corner by sticking it inside the outer fold and pinch the creases so they are secure.
Step 6. When your baskets are complete line them with a parchment or wax paper.

All photos and styling by Alexis Birkmeyer. All rights reserved.


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