May 17

DIY Geometric String Art Escort Cards

by Jenny Batt

I’ve been dying to try string art. I just think it is so simple but so beautiful in it’s gorgeous symmetry. I found little black mini canvases the other day and this little idea popped in my head. I wish I knew someone getting married. Personally these little lovelies will be backed with magnets and used on the fridge.

Continue reading for more pictures and complete instructions.

You will need:

a ball hammer, a nail (regular picture hanging size), embroidery thread, a needle, some small flat cardboard canvases, some needle nosed pliers and this template.

Download, Print, and cut out your template. Place it centered on a canvas. Using your hammer and nail, hammer through the canvas at each point on the template. **Do this on top of an old board, or something you don’t mind putting holes in. We are going through the canvas and it will ruin whatever is underneath it. I used a rotary cutting mat and it still went through to the table top. Live and learn, shhh, don’t tell Ed.

You can use a piece of tape to hold the template in place. Do this for all of your canvases. You should have 10 holes in each. Hint: make sure to go all the way through the canvas, flip it over and repunch with the nail any holes that seem small.

Cut two pieces of embroidery thread about 4 feet long. You could do one really long one, but it is harder to work with and tends to get knotted.  Thread your needle and double knot the end of the thread. Start from the back at the top, hole number 1 and go over clockwise two holes, hole  number 3 and back down. Go over one clockwise from the first hole, so hole number 2  and  go down hole number 4. Continue all the way around, tie a knot to secure in back and trim your thread. Hint: Use the needle nosed pliers to pull the needle if it gets stuck, but remember away from you.

Second set. Thread the needle again and tie a knot like before. Start at hole 1, coming from the back to the front and skip two holes and go down hole number 4. Come through hole number 2 and go down hole number 5. Repeat all the way around. Tie a knot at the back and trim. You are done! Now, you can use these for fun and add a magnet to the back or your can have your calligrapher write the names on them. I just printed these with a white charcoal pencil. You can really get these done quickly and easily, just punch all the holes first and then you can sit and chat while embroidering these. Bribe some friends with cupcakes and I bet you can get these done in no time. Wouldn’t these be really cute magnets for a Save the Date? I used the pre-primed black canvas, but your could paint these any color to match your theme!


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