Apr 17

Styled Eats: DIY Picnic Baskets and Free Printable

This is the next post in my new series Styled Eats that focuses on how to package and make food pretty. This brilliant DIY picnic basket is the work of Alexis Birkmeyer. The materials to make this are really simple. Here we used an extra heavy butcher paper but you could even use poster board or a flexible cardstock. You just trace the template, cut it out and fold. So easy! If you wanted to use these for a bigger party I would call together some friends to help make them. These are a special detail that you can add when you are entertaining but they don’t feel fussy or too precious. Find the full instructions and more photos below.

See full instructions and free printable after the jump.

Materials Needed: Free Printable Template, posterboard or extra thick butcher paper 18″ x 24″ for each bucket, exacto knife (or scissors if you aren’t worried about straight lines.) For the picnic here we also used these food bags, some wooden baskets, and pretty napkins.

Step 1: Print out free printable (click here to download) and cut it out.
Step 2: You trace the template four times onto the 18″ x 24″ heavy paper. Starting in one corner trace the template with the handle at the top and facing inward. Flip it like a mirror image and trace again. Flip it from the bottom and trace again. Trace it to the side one last time. (See photos for reference.)
Step 3: Once it is traced cut it out.
Step 4: Take the two sides with the slits and slip them over the corresponding handle to create a sweet little picnic basket.
Step 5: Fill with goodies and serve to your guests.

Concept + Photos + Styling by Alexis Birkmeyer for Oh Happy Day

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