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Paper Dots Garland

Here is a little fun party garland made out of my favorite material: crepe paper. I was playing around with it for a different project and loved how these looked like kind of like candy, or else like little polka dots or beads. They’re so sweet. It’s a pretty simple project, all you need is a pair of scissors and crepe paper folds. That’s it!

Click through for directions and more photos.

Materials Needed: Crepe Paper Folds and Scissors

Step 1: Cut off a 1.5″ piece off a fold of crepe paper
Step 2: Grab the end section. Hold the paper still with one hand while twisting the paper two times with the other. The paper will fold around your fingers. Give a quick pinch to the fold to flatten and shape each little section.
Step 3: Repeat as evenly as you can. Et voilĂ  you’re done. Now eat a donut.

Notes: This is easy but each garland took me about five minutes to make, so if you are making a lot I would turn on a nice long tv show while you work. I tried with a bigger thickness of paper but the “beads” didn’t come out as consistent. Another variation is taking two different colored strips and twisting them together. This creates a two-toned streamer that also feels a bit heavier than the ones pictured here.

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