Apr 3

Paper Carrots DIY

Happy Easter! Here is a project that is a cute little addition to an easter basket. These paper carrots are so easy they will honestly take you ten minutes and you probably already have everything you need to make these at home. Really. Thanks to my sweet niece Emma for helping me!

Continue reading for instructions and photos


Materials Needed: Orange Paper, Green Paper, Tape, Scissors, Treats

Step 1: Take an 8.5 x 11 sheet of orange paper and cut it in half. I tried this with card stock and regular paper and it worked great with both.
Step 2:  Fold into a cone and secure with tape.
Step 3: Fill with treats (mini eggs for me!)
Step 4. Fold down the tallest corner first and then fold down the other sides until the top is closed.
Step 5. Cut strips of green paper and tape them to the top of the carrot.
Step 6. Roll them around your finger or curl them with a pair of scissors (like you would if it was ribbon) for a tighter curl.


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