Mar 15

Stamped Envelope Liners

by Joke Vande Gaer

If you have ever lined 200 envelopes, you know it’s a tough and boring job. But, an envelope that looks pretty inside and outside makes everything more fun. Stamping the insides of your envelopes is super quick and you can make them all look a little different.

And, if you are not sending it through the mail, you should stamp up the outside too!

Materials needed: stamp pads, envelopes, tape and a stamp.

Step 1: tape off the area of the envelope you don’t want to stamp (leave the glue line stamp free)
Step 2: start stamping the first color – don’t think too much of where you place it, the more color you add, the more it will come together.
Step 3: add more and more color

If you happen to have a white stamp pad, I’m sure a black envelope with white dots will look stunning!


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