Mar 8

DIY CMYK Lanterns

by Jenny Batt

March is a big birthday month for us and my husband, is having his birthday this weekend. Instead of a traditional dude birthday, I wanted something bright. I was refilling my printer ink and noticed how cool the CMYK colors really are together.  I’m also a bit of a design nerd, so a little light bulb went off in my head.  I’ve wanted to make something with tissue squares ever since I found them at the craft store, so I grabbed some of my white lanterns and started gluing. This is something you can do in mere moments and is a great way to customize your party.

Click through for all the instructions.

You will need: white paper lanterns, tissue paper squares, mod podge, and a paint brush.

You can make your own tissue paper squares of course, but the precut squares are ready instantly.  Do you remember these squares from elementary school when you put them on the end of a pencil and stick them on to things? Here we will just be using them flat. Set aside the colors we will be using for CMYK: blue, pink, yellow and black.  Paint a little mod podge on a spot for a square and press it on gently with your finger. Paint a second lighter coat on top.  Repeat around the lantern, making a random but scattered confetti style pattern, sometimes overlapping colors. Here’s a hint, when overlapping colors, always put the lighter color on top, it helps brighten the mixed color.

Let dry.  Hang.  Party.  Mix them up with some solid lanterns in CMY and you are set.

You could customize these lanterns in any color, use the squares or get a 1” punch and do confetti dots. Now with the endless assortment of colors in tissue paper , you could layer large squares on your lanterns in any shade to match your party or décor.


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