Mar 12

Clean Happy

This post is brought to you by the People against Dirty. Join the campaign to Clean Happy over on their Facebook page.

I have been using and blogging about Method cleaners for over 6 years so when they approached me about partnering with them on their Clean Happy campaign I jumped at the chance. I went to a summit last week with a few other bloggers at Method headquarters in San Francisco and I have to say they are the real deal. There are certain companies out there who are focused on innovating and making great products and these guys are authentic. They are passionate about making cleaning fun and happy.

I have to admit that when I first started using Method I was drawn to it because it smelled amazing and I loved the modern design, I wasn’t aware of the green benefits. It was only later I learned Method bottles are made from recycled materials and are totally vegan products. The products are good for you and good for the environment. After I moved to France I was disappointed in their cleaning products (everything is harsh and smells like bleach.) So on a visit home I stocked up my suitcase with Method cleaning supplies. They smell good and make a task like cleaning fun.

Today is the launch of the Clean Happy Campaign and I’m so excited to share this awesome video with you. I think it is brilliant (I even teared up a little when I first saw it–HA!) I’m obsessed with their giant light installation made out of Method Bottles. So great!!

You can enter a chance to win a trip to Method Headquarters in San Francisco just by watching the Clean Happy anthem on Method’s Facebook page and sharing it with friends right here.


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