Mar 15

Birthday Installation: Yarn Trail

I did a yarn installation for Paul’s birthday last year but I never took photos. Since I had all this yarn sitting around I set up a little rainbow treasure hunt for the kids. St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday after all! At the end I put a bunch of golden chocolate coins, the kids loved it! Even though I did it for the kids I love this idea more for adults. You feel so special when someone goes to all the trouble to make something beautiful for you. I have to give my good friend Aubrey credit for the idea. This project is great because it is cheap, easy to set up and even easier to clean up. Here are a few tips below on how to do it.

Materials Needed: cheap yarn (about $1 per skein), a bag, scissors, a treasure for the end

Step One: After you find the end of each yarn, collect them all together and tie it to your starting point.
Step Two: Place the yarn in a bag with the string side facing out so it is easy to manage as you decorate. Just pull as you go, wrapping around trees and benches.
Step Three: Tie it off and leave your treasure at the end.

I have done stuff like this before in public spaces and I’ve found that as long as you are considerate of other people and clean up after yourself no one cares. In fact they usually like it.

ps: I did a version of this right here.


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