Feb 10

Valentine’s Day Garden Heart Attack

by Brittany Watson Jepsen

Have you ever heart attacked someone? Like in the good way, not the medical emergency way? I used to do heart attacks by cutting out oodles of hearts and plastering them to someone’s door (like this). This time I wanted to figure out a way to do it a bit differently so I came up with this heart stencil that can be done on someone’s lawn. It’s super easy to do and is best seen from an elevated vantage point so if you can get some real estate below their window, even better!

Materials: flour, sifter, bowl, large paper, scissors, pencil

Step 1: Draw a large heart onto a piece of large paper (over 11×17″). I found that the bigger the heart the better it turned out. Smaller hearts don’t show up very well.

Step 2: Cut out heart.

Step 3: Pour a large amount of flour into the sifter over heart shape. Start with the edge of the heart and work towards the center.

Step 4: Use different shaped hearts to add more interest to the “attack”.

For bigger impact, heart attack the entire lawn. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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