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Stamped Party Cups

by Joke Vande Gaer

I hardly ever seem to find cute paper cups. Cute straws mostly save the day and are luckily available in lots of places. Stamping some plain white cups is my new favorite thing to do. Plus, a stamp makes it easy to make the whole party pretty with a certain theme: stamped invites, bunting, cake toppers…

Materials needed: plain paper cups, your choice of colored stamp pads and a simple stamp shape (you can even make your own with a potato stamp)

Step One: Test your stamp out on a piece of paper.
Step Two: Insert a cup into the cup you are stamping, this way you can put your hand inside the cup while stamping.
Step Three: Stamp away!

I’m loving the black and white for a grown up party! Vegetable stamps might be fun for kids to work with, no?


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