Feb 8

Loire Valley

Last month we rented a car and made a trip down to the Loire Valley, which is a few hours south of Paris. We stayed in a little town called Amboise and had a great weekend visiting chateaus and seeing the country. The Loire Valley is known for it’s chateaus but with our time and kids tagging along we only made time to see two. First we visited Chateau Chambord, which was very large and beautiful (reminded me of Downton Abbey!) It has a really amazing staircase that I didn’t take pictures of but it was beautiful.

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Then we visited Chateau Chenonceau which was built over a river. It was my favorite and still had Christmas decorations up, so it felt cozy. The castles of course were really beautiful but they both had beautiful gardens and grounds. It was chilly out but we were bundled up and spent a long time walking around outside. I can see how it would be really great to visit in warmer weather. At the end of the trip we stopped by Leonardo Da Vinci’s home and went to Zoo Beauval for a few hours which was a really great little zoo nearby.  It was a perfect short little getaway with kids. I can’t wait to see more someday. Have you ever visited the Loire Valley? What were your favorite chateaus?

photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day



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