Jan 17

Pinwheel Party Favor DIY + Free Printable

by Amanda Jane Jones

I’ve always had a soft spot for pinwheels. No matter how old I get, I have a feeling I’ll always enjoy them. Click the link below to download the template…follow the simple step by step instructions and you’ve got a colorful party favor, decoration or even activity for your next party! 

Tip: If these colors don’t match your next party, just print off the template and use paper of your own! 

Step 1: Gather supplies (cutting board, ruler, scissors or exacto knife, pins, and pencils or straws). Print off colors and patterns of choice (front + back). Mix and match the colors and stripes to your hearts content.

Step 2: Place your template on paper and cut around edges. The template fits two squares per page, so space accordingly! Use the diagonal lines to cut your flaps.

Step 4: Fold your flaps parallel with the cut. Make sure the end reaches beyond the middle of the pinwheel. (see details above)

Step 5: Take a pin and poke a hole through the end of each flap. Once through all four flaps, press through to the back of your pinwheel.

Step 6: Push pin through the eraser of a pencil. Test the pinwheel for pin length, then cut off the sharp point with scissors or wire cutters. Push the now dull edge of the pin flush with the eraser. They stay put very well…but just to be safe you can always glue it in place.

These pinwheels take very little time to make. They are fast and fun and perfect way to add some color to your next party. Click the link below to download.


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