Jan 24

Fortune Balloon Garland

by Steph Hung

Wondering what the new year will bring?  Look to the balloons! Monday marked the beginning of Chinese New Year, and I always love seeing the strings of lanterns that line the streets of Chinatown.  The holiday is surrounded by myths about luck and prosperity, so I wanted to make something that might inspire good fortunes too.

Just pop a balloon to see what the future has in store:

Advice, encouragement, warnings, and recommendations – let the balloons give their two cents’ worth.

Materials you will need:  water balloons, pump, string, paper, pen, and scissors.

Step 1:  Cut paper into 1/4″ wide strips and write your fortunes.

Step 2:  Roll up fortunes and slip one in each balloon.  Blow up balloon and tie with a knot.

Step 3:  Tie balloons onto a length of string.  If you cinch the string tightly below the knot (i.e. between the knot and the balloon), this will help prevent air from leaking out.

Step 4:  Hang your garland and let the divining begin.


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