Jan 3

2011 Year in Review | APR-JUNE

May marked the 5th year anniversary of my blog and a big redesign by Erin Jang and programmed by Mark Allen, two very talented people. Another new thing for me was this year I’ve experimented with having contributors. I’m so lucky to have such talented people to work with. Here are some of my favorites from April through June.

Confetti Egg Game by Rebecca

Ombre Table Cloth by Brittany

Easter in Normandy

A Fringey Monogram by Michaela

A trip to see the tulip fields in Holland

An Envelope Surprise Project

Photobooth Props

The fun Anthology Article came out

Piles and piles of peonies

We shared pictures of our San Francisco apartment

A postcard project with Shanna Murray

And a Giant Polish Chandelier DIY.

Look for July through September tomorrow!


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