Dec 30

Happy New Year!

Happy happy New Year friends! I’ve been choosing my goals for 2012 and I’m really looking forward to a fresh start. 201o was a rough year for us and was about survival. 2011 has been a time to recover and grow and 2012 (if I have it my way) I’d like to spend getting our lives in order especially financially and emotionally. We’re trying to be frugal and save for a house and just deal with boring things that come with being adults. I don’t have any exciting goals but a list of things that fall in the same category as “go get that wart you’ve had for 4 years removed” and “pay off the student loans.” So glamourous!

I feel so much gratitude for being able to blog. Thank you so much for the support this year and here is to a happy 2012!

Find the sequin wall tutorial here and the flower hat tutorial right here.

I also write for here are my posts this week.

I just got this and I am obsessed. (It was only $60 though!)
Prettiest dress up clothes ever. Please someone make a line of these.
Our Christmas tradition.
One of my favorite new items for 2011.
This made me laugh.
This etsy shop is so sweet.


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