Dec 22

Boxing Day Party

Traditionally most Americans I know don’t celebrate “Boxing Day” but my friend Laurie Smithwick and her friends have an awesome way of celebrating. The day after Christmas they all get together at a park and bring all the boxes they have leftover from Christmas for a Boxing Day party (they even save the ones from a few weeks before).┬áHere is Laurie’s description:

We meet at our neighborhood park with all our Christmas boxes, as well as lots of packing tape, paint, markers, string, ribbon, rope, etc. The whole gang (parents and kids alike) works together to construct Box City. Then we eat together (there are grills in the park — and we all bring food). Then the kids all destroy Box City (like a bunch of Godzillas), we flatten all the boxes, and take them off to recycling.

It sounds like such a fun way to get together after the holidays and clean up all your recycling at the same time.

all photos by Laurie Smithwick


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