Dec 8

10 Things to Give

Here are 10 0f my favorite things to give (and receive!) this year.

1. Personalized Pencils $7
There are few things more satisfying than having a nice cup of sharp pencils on your desk with your name on them. If you want to go beyond names you can write poetry, personal jokes. (photo via) ” Good for: a Coworker

2. A Poster of the Stars $50
Anything collected by the Hubble telescope is in the public domain. Which means anyone can use it for anything they want. Download the high res files here for free and send it off to the internet to print and you have yourself some lovely artwork. (via Michelle) Good for: a Brother

3. Book Consultation $75
All Erik Heywood does all day long is think about and research books. Old books and new books and hard to find books. You tell Erik what kind of books you are thinking about buying. (ie: I’m looking for books for my husband who is an artist. He likes books about artists and the creative process and especially art books.) Then Erik will put together a book list of 10 books he recommends. He will speak with you over the phone and tell you about each of the books and you can decide which ones to buy. I did this last year and I bought almost his entire list of books and Paul loved them. Honestly, one of the best things I’ve ever done. Good for: Anyone

4. A Pocket Axe $50
This pocket knife has an honest to goodness axe attached. You know, for those times you need to cut down a tree. Every dude I’ve told about this gets ridiculously excited. Good for: a Dad

5. Reference Guide for Leisure Time $7
I made one of these for Paul one year. Basically its a guide for when you find yourself with some free time. To make it you contact all your friends with great taste and expertise and ask them to make a list of 15 great movies or books or restaurants etc. Then you put all the information in a moleskine notebook based on category and you’ve done all the research for the interesting things they can do in their spare time. See more information here. Good for: a Lover

6. Pretty Scissors $18
If you are going to have a pair of scissors around, might as well make them beautiful. Good for: Someone who Appreciates Beautiful Things

7. Exotic Salts $12
These pretty make gorgeous presents for the person who probably has everything. (If you are in the Bay Area go to Boulette’s Larder in the Ferry Building and buy their custom spice mixes. They make the best presents ever.) Good for: A Foodie

8. A Sandwich from a New York Deli $40
Did you know Katz’s Deli in New York will overnight all the fixings anywhere in the US to make an authentic pastrami or corned beef sandwich? Good for: A former New Yorker

9. Instax Mini Camera $99
I still think these make the best presents. Instant film is so fun and I love having tangible pictures around. These are also great to take to a party. You can take pictures of people and then give it to them on the spot. (PS buy film off ebay, its really cheap.) Good for: A Camera Lover

10. Pantone Marker Set $483
A girl can dream can’t she? This Pantone marker set is priced a little out of my budget but maybe someone out there will get to own it. Good for: a Design Junkie


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