Nov 30

Progressive Dinner

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Entertaining in the winter time can get a little boring. You can no longer go outside as much and are usually stuck to confined indoor spaces. That’s why I love the idea of a progressive dinner. You spend most of the party indoors but you get a change of scenery by going from house to house. Plus it feels like you are on an adventure together. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so finally my friends and I got together for a progressive dinner around Paris. The prep for this party is easy because the host only has to make one course and clean up the house a bit. It’s much less overwhelming than throwing an entire dinner party. My friends live all over Paris so we just sprung for taxis to go from house to house but I also liked this idea of just choosing houses near each other in one neighborhood. My apartment is across from the Eiffel Tower so when it was all over we walked across the street to watch it sparkle on the hour. It was the perfect end to the night.

Here are some tips for throwing your own progressive dinner.
1. Three houses feels about right. If they were close together I might try four.
2. Give people extra time at the first house to arrive
3. Serve foods that are already prepped and easy to heat. (We just called our babysitter as we were winding up at the previous house and had her heat up the lasagna.)
4. Try to keep a little bit of a schedule. Have the table set and start the food right as you get to each new house because things always take longer than you think.
5. If you are using taxis try to call for vans ahead of time.

Thanks to all my sweet friends for coming. Rubi, Stanton, Valerie, Allan, CarolineMeg, and of course Paul.

It was one of the funnest parties I’ve had in a long time. And besides a little coordinating it was actually pretty easy to put together. Have you ever done a progressive dinner? I’d love more tips if you have them.



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