Nov 17

DIY Glittered Flatware

by Jenny Batt

With the holiday season comes festivities.  My mom always told me…never show up to a holiday shindig without a tiny thank you for your host or hostess. So, I have been thinking and I dreamed this little diy up. Seriously, I had a dream and in it I was creating this diy. Painting, photographing, wrapping…I know it sounds corny, but it went a little something like this…

Materials Needed: wood flatware , glitter paint (I used Martha Stewart Crafts Antique Silver-The secret to this whole project is the glitter paint. Unlike regular glitter the glitter paint doesn’t get glitter everywhere and when dry the glitter doesn’t come off on your fingers! Really!!), and a paint brush. To wrap these lovelies for gifting: wood berry box, 2 sheets of parchment paper, wire twine  and pinking shears.

Use a sheet of wax paper or freezer paper to cover your table before you paint. Start with one layer of paint on the bottom of the handle. Let dry for 10-15 mins and add another layer. Repeat until you have 3 or 4 layers, depending on the amount of coverage you would like. I painted both sides of the flatware. I let each side dry overnight before I started wrapping them.  I also used wood cups, so I could give a matching set for a party throwing pal.

I wanted something simple to wrap them in that could easily be reused by the recipient. These wood berry baskets were perfect and can double as storage for these glittered babies until they get used.  For the filler, take one sheet of parchment paper and fold it into fourths lightly, don’t press your creases. Cut 1/2 inch strips with pinking shears. I used a full sheet to fill the basket. Sort the cutlery by placesetting.  Cut four 1″ wide strips of the second sheet of parchment paper.  Cut each strip in half and wrap each placesetting.  Tie with ribbon or wire.

Place the wrapped sets in the filled berry box.  Cut a four inch wide strip of parchment paper and wrap the berry basket. Tie with decorative ribbon, I got the silver leaf garland ribbon here. Make a bunch all at the same time (save on dry time) and give as gifts to your next dinner party or just give them to sparkle loving friends. It’s guaranteed to brighten that next batch of leftovers they have to bring to work.


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