Nov 14

DIY Fall Pumpkin Place Card Holders

by Halligan Norris

Fall is here!  So many people skip the fall fun and jump into the Christmas season. But Fall is one of my favorite times of year and I love to savor it. To make guests feel right at home at your fall party how about making custom place card holders that double as a take home gifts?  These little pumpkins are quick and easy to make and your can really experiment with the DIY process to make these all yours.  You can even upsize the design to make a great centerpiece!

Supplies: thin craft wood, RIT dye, scissors, colored paper, pen, paper glue, sand paper
Step 1.  Draw pumpkin shapes onto paper.  Cut out using scissors and use sandpaper to clean edges.
Step 2.  Draw lines onto the center of each pumpkin piece.  Draw from the bottom on the stemmed piece and from the top on the unstemmed piece. Then cut a thin slit the same thickness as your wood.
Step 3.  Slip your pumpkins parts into one another and dip dye each pumpkin using a RIT dye bath.  To achieve a gradual fad hold your pumpkins at several levels in the bath starting with a short dunk half way up your pumpkin then longer towards the bottom.
4.  Type or scribe the names of your guests on paper and cut 1/8″ strips. To curl paper lightly pinch between two fingers and quickly pull. Cut a “v” shape at the end of your curl and then glue onto your pumpkin stem. –Happy Fall!



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