Oct 27

Repackaged Candy Favors

by Joke Vande Gaer

I’m not always the best planner when it comes to birthdays. Some birthdays come, I’ll have an idea in mind long beforehand and it all works out great. Other birthdays come and I’m scrambling for time to put something cute together the night before. These repackaged mentos favors were one of those late night ideas that turned out cute, are easy to make and need just a few materials!

Materials needed: tissue paper, bright colored markers, mentos (or any other candy you’d like to use)

Step 1: Cut your tissue paper to the right size of your chosen candy. Leave enough room on the sides to twist the ends.
Step 2: Carefully remove the outer layer wrapping of the mentos. This way the foil wrapper is still around and you don’t have to touch the candy.

Step 3: Draw quick lines diagonally on one sheet of tissue paper. Quick lines really turn out the cutest! No reason to measure, imperfections and a combination of thick and thin lines give the best result.

Step 4: Back your marked sheet of tissue paper with a clear sheet of tissue paper.
Step 5: Roll the mentos roll into the 2 sheets with the marked sheet on the outside.
Step 6: Twist the ends closed…that’s it!

These favors are perfect when you need to make big quantities, it’s so quick! And much more fun to give than a regular roll of mentos! Wouldn’t they be cute for a rainbow party in even more colors?


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