Oct 26

DIY Fall Envelopes + Free Printable

by Amanda Jane Jones

Share the season! Brighten up the mail by sending a bit a fall to friends who are missing out on this year’s foliage. Make these fall flavored envelopes to carry your leaves safely through the mail.

Step 1: Gather supplies! A straight edge, exacto knife, bone folder (optional), glue stick, click here to download the printout, and tape (optional).

Step 2: Cut out the envelope by using the black line as a guide. It is best to keep the knife inside the guide, just so no black peeks through.

Step 3: Fold four lines from corner to corner. For best results, use a bone folder. Glue the edges to the inside of the back flap.

Step 4: Gather leaves, and press them in between wax paper and some heavy books for a few days.

You’re ready to go! It’s the perfect way to brighten up the mail this fall. Download here.


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