Aug 8

Sailing Greece: Syros

After a few days in Mykonos we were so happy to get out on the open seas. The sailing weather was perfect and it was so exciting when they turned off the engines and unfurled the sails. We headed toward Syros, just a few hours away. Sailing was so great, we would stop in open waters and take a swim. We also saw some kids cliff jumping and stopped the boat to join them. (I jumped!) Syros has one large town and lots of small towns. We LOVED this island, so much that we decided to stay an extra day. It was big enough that there were things to do but it doesn’t get the tourist traffic of an island like Mykonos. On Syros we: rented scooters, ate at an amazing restaurant on top of a mountain, watched the sunset in the beautiful village of Kini, and explored the capital Ermoupolis after dark. If you go: don’t miss dinner at Plakostroto on the mountain (go before the sunset.) And dinner at Two Cicadas on the Armirikia Tree in Kini was amazing.

all photos by Paul Ferney and Rebecca Wright

In case you missed it here is my post on Mykonos.


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