Aug 17

DIY Vintage Record Cake Plates

This post is by our lovely contributor Rebecca Wright of Animal Head Vintage. All Photos by the talented photographer Robyn Kessler for Oh Happy Day.

I thought it would be fun to display cupcakes or other treats on records, but didn’t necessarily want my food sitting directly on a record (or the pretty paper center) since it seemed hard to wash afterwords. I decided to use two pieces of acrylic on either side of the record to really make a sturdy design that was easy to wash, AND easy to switch out the records depending on my mood or the theme of the party.


Items Needed:
Records! (you can use 12″/10″/7″)
Two pieces of clear plexiglass acrylic (cut to size, with a hole drilled directly in the middle)
A sturdy base with a flat top (I used thrifted candlesticks)
Clear screw fastener (I used 3/8 in. and cut them down a little for a perfect fit)
A strong glue

Step One: Take the plastic off your freshly cut acrylic, and place one piece on each side of your record to make sure it fits. You’ll have a little record sandwich, with the holes lined up in the middle.

Step Two: You will be attaching one of the pieces of acrylic to its base permanently, so you’ll need to glue the bigger half of the screw to the piece of acrylic that will be glued to the base, and make sure that it is good and stuck. After this step, you should have one piece of acrylic with the longer part of the screw glued into the hole, and then you’ll glue that piece of acrylic to your base. Let that glue set.


Step Three: Once the glue has hardened, place the record and the other piece of acylic onto the base acrylic, screw the plates together with your clear fastener, and make sure it holds the plate together firmly. You have a cake plate with a top layer that can be unscrewed for washing. There you go! Then just stack them for some pretty tiers!


Pro-Tips: Wondering where to get acrylic custom cut? I used TAP Plastics but check in your area for a plastic store. When you do wash acrylic, be careful not to scratch the surface. You can use recommended cleaners such as Novus #1 or Brillianize, though a mild solution of dish detergent and warm water with a soft cloth should do the trick just fine. Never use cleaners containing ammonia, such as Windex or 409.

In case you missed it: see how to make flags out of record sleeves right over here.


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