Jul 15

Bon Voyage Party

I loved these photos from Rubi and Stanton’s going away party (they are our new friends that just moved here to Paris.) Rubi specifically didn’t want a “French themed” party but her friends Ryan and Kimberly told her “too bad thats what we’re doing.” They put together a fantastic over-the-top French themed party. I think that if you are going to do a party theme thats been done before you have to go really big to make it turn out awesome. This one looked so fun! I love the photobooth. They just got a grey wall, some Kinkos blow up pictures taped to the wall and some props. You can see more pictures from this party here and here. The best part is they called the party “CeleBERETion of Frenchip.” hehe

photos and party planned by Ryan and Kimberly Simmons


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