May 18

Peter Pan Party

Today’s post is by Brittany from The House That Lars Built.

When I was asked to do the decorations for a party with a Peter Pan theme at my friend’s apartment, designer Maria Helgstrand of Wallnut, my mind was racing which direction to take: fairy dust, Captain Hook ship, London, Indians, pirates. So many themes to choose from! I finally decided to go a bit more simple, which worked out great because it gave me the excuse to finally try out the lyric garlands that I saw at Katie Did’s Christmas party. I took quotes straight from J.M. Barrie’s classic story and had some friends come over to cut out bajillions of letters affixing them to red/white twine. I introduced the guests to the theme with the first quote, “Second star to the right and straight on till morning” and hung stars from the chandelier. I also affixed gold paper stars onto skewers and stuck them throughout the rooms so that guests could take them as a parting gift. My talented friend, Josefine, drew Peter Pan’s shadows that we placed around the rooms in secret corners and not so secret corners. For added bonus, you could play the movie on a projector on a wall. Voila!

All photos by Brittany for Oh Happy Day.


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