May 9

Peony Season in Paris

It’s peony season in Paris. Every florist has a 3-foot pile of peonies sitting on their counter. The first time I saw one I was regretting not bringing a camera until I walked by two more flower shops and saw the same thing. Peonies are my favorite flower so I’m pretty much in heaven. Here are some pictures from the farmer’s market we went to this weekend. One big difference between France and the States is everyone buys flowers here. There are as many flower shops as there are bakeries. The French are really good at doing things to enjoy everyday life.


  • Kim Lowe says:


  • Rhianne says:

    we have peonies in our front garden, I had no idea what they were until they bloomed and they are soooo pretty! I need to take some photos of them now :)

  • KarenSue says:

    My sister just landed in Paris this morning! I wish she could bring me some. They don't grow in Florida.
    Thank you!

  • Erin {pughs' news} says:

    You've just made me want to go to Paris even more than I did before. Didn't even think that was possible!


    So gorgeous…I have a giant peach peony on my dressing table right now, and it makes me so happy to look at it. What IS it about that flower?!

  • Amy says:

    I adore your Paris photos and these might be my favorite so far. I love peonies!

  • Amy says:

    I adore your Paris photos and these might be my favorite so far. I love peonies!

  • Roxanna says:

    My favorites! I've never seen them piled so high– how luxurious!

  • Katie @ Haute Apple Pie says:

    love love love. Your photos are gorgeous! I just caged in the peonies in my garden yesterday and now I can't wait for them to bloom!

  • Katie says:


    I just bought 6 peonie plants to add to my front yard. My husband thinks I'm crazy.

    He's probably right.

  • jodi says:


  • Cheryl Wilson - O'Pry says:

    I never realized how beautiful peonies are until the gal in our office used them in an arrangement here in my office. They're gorgeous!!

  • wishful nals says:

    so pretty. peonies are my favorite, too!

  • London Lisa says:

    Your life in Paris looks amazing. And the peonies are lovely. I just called my local florist to make sure they were in stock so I could pick up a bunch!

  • size too small says:

    amazing- i'm from the states too but live in south africa and find that flowers are sooooo much cheaper here as well! so our house is always full of flowers- it's the best!

  • Susan says:

    Gorgeous! I am anxiously awaiting their arrival here…

  • iheartkiwi says:

    Floral heaven indeed!

    Peonies are my absolute favorite… I'm counting down the days until my local grocer starts carrying them again!

  • Cathy says:

    I think it is a "European" trait…we lived in Germany and they are the same with flowers and bakeries! sooooo good!

  • Denise Laborde says:

    They are beautiful!
    Peonies are my favorite too and I was just as thrilled to see them by the hundreds at the flower stands in Biarritz during Easter weekend ( My favorite are the very light pink ones.
    In Toulouse and in Biarritz I noticed the price changed according to color. The fuscia one being the priciest. Is it like that in Paris?

  • Craftiness NOW says:

    piles and piles, they're wonderful! i'm going in july and will be checking your blog for tips, can't wait.

  • Holly says:

    Wow, all the flowers are gorgeous! :)

  • Ashley says:

    Oh, what a dream, Jordan! Peonies are my favorite flower and I'll be using them in my wedding in just 12 days–your photos got me so giddy!

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  • Anonymous says:

    so pretty! but – wait – 7 euro a stem or 7 euro a bunch? I cant' see paying over $10 a stem! and I can't see NOT buying them if they were 7 euro a bunch

  • Kathleen Frances says:

    I knew you'd do a peony post this year! We definitely love our peonies:)

    Our house has a lovely garden full of peonies on the side. Last fall, my father-in law came to help clean up the garden and basically took a weed wacker to EVERYTHING while I was inside.

    I came out to find my garden free of weeds and leaves but also everything else.

    I was really doubtful I'd get anything this year but yesterday I was shocked to find all the peonies back just the way they were last year! They must be quite a flourishing flower!

    Looks like our dining and beside tables will be as happy as I am.

  • Bladh photography says:

    OH MY! i have wanted to plant these for years. They look even more beautiful in GIANT piles

  • Lia {sprightly} says:

    Oh my goodness – that looks like heaven! I have never seen so many peonies in my life. I just got my first set of peonies for the season – light pink and so beautiful sitting on my coffee table.

  • jordan says:

    They were 7 euros a bunch! We snagged 2 of the hot pink ones.

  • Amanda says:

    I can't wait to go to Paris in July now–although I don't think it'll be peony season then. :)

    I love that second picture (the one you put on twitter) so much that I am going to pin it. Happy Monday!

  • Ali says:

    Oh my favorites too. Sigh. Love.

  • Amanda Jane says:

    so amazing! what a lovely outing!

  • Sobrina Tung says:

    i love that last sentence "The French are really good at doing things to enjoy everyday life." :)

    I want to visit so badly!

  • Haute Mama says:

    That is my heaven.

  • Brenna [fabuleuxdestin] says:

    I remember that was the first thing I noticed when I went to France. I worked in a florist all of high school, and it was so rare that people bought flowers, "just because".

  • Danielle says:

    Love, love, love peonies! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!

  • alexandra says:


    which market is it? which métro station?
    à bientôt!

  • BL says:

    I just bought peonies, and they made my little studio apartment smell amazing! Yes, the French know how to live – table wine, fresh flowers, and divine pastries. How wonderful that you get to live there!

  • claire says:

    Leave it to the French to find beauty in the most mundane things. These peonies are LOVE!

  • J + M says:


  • EJR says:


  • says:

    ohmygosh..i could lay on a bed of favorite-est flowers ever

  • Lane says:

    I must move to paris if only for this!I live in MN and Peonie season begans late june/august :)

  • alanna. says:


  • Esther says:

    Well, I am French and I know from experience that the vast majority of the French do not buy flowers for themselves. It is extremely common to bring flowers to your host when you go have dinner at someone's though. That's why there are so many flower shops everywhere.

    And I love your pictures! :-)

  • Melissa says:

    how lovely! In NYC Peonies are going at a price of 3 blooms for 10 dollars! Crazy n'est-ce pas?

  • Julie Karatzis says:

    Peonies are my favorite too. And at 7 euro for what looks to be a nice sized bouquet, even better!

  • Kelly says:

    Whenever my mom comes to visit in the spring from Virginia, she brings a big bouquet of peonies on the plane. So sweet.

  • Kelly says:

    PS, I have to confess that I am alternating between being so thrilled for you guys and withering from envy! Just so you know, the soundtrack I always hear when I read your posts is Carla Bruni. I imagine that it plays in the background as you stroll flower markets and have picnics.

  • Elizabeth Saucier says:

    oh gosh, these images are too lovely for words.

  • a house mouse says:

    oh wow, lovely!

  • Sigrid says:

    I really love the 'enjoy everyday life' comment ~ I have been working hard at that in my mid-life. It is not always easy, but it is SO important.

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