Apr 5

DIY Paper Flower Corsages

I love Brittany’s work and love her blog House That Lars Built. You may remember her beautiful wedding on 100 Layer Cake with the amazing giant paper flowers. Well, I asled her if she would put together some DIY’s for us and was thrilled when she agreed.

Hello from Copenhagen! I’m a major Oh Happy Day fan so I’m most happy and honored to start sharing some ideas with you. I got married in September and with the help of my dream team–mom and sister–we crafted huge paper flowers galore, which I shared on a tutorial for 100 Layer Cake. The day of my wedding we completely forgot to put to use the darling boutonnieres that my mom had made for the guys. Oh the cuteness that could have been! Well, here they are for you. I’ve adapted them to act as a pin for the ladies here, but you can adjust them for the guys too by making them smaller. They’ll be (a bit) more appreciative.

* good artist’s paper works best for paper flowers in a variety of colors. Green for leaves. (Canson has a great selection)
* glue gun
* pencil
* scissors
* ruler
* plain brooch pin from a craft or jewelry shop

The base of the petal is 1/2″ and expands to 2 3/4″ tall and reaches to 2 1/4″ wide. Draw the shape like a shell and cut it out
cut a slit into the base about a 1/2″
create an accordion fold in the petal centered around the slit
layer one slit on top of the other and glue gun
create 6 more petals
glue gun 3 petals on top of each other spread evenly around to create a circle
glue the remaining 4 petals even underneath
Create the stamen of the flower (the black and yellow centers) by cutting a 1 1/2″ diameter for the black and a 1″ for the yellow.
Cut evenly around the center to create a fringe effect
carefully curl the fringe up.
Glue the black and yellow into the center of the flower
Create a 2″ leaf from the green paper
Glue around the base of the flower
Glue a brooch pin to the bottom of the flower

Create a lemon looking shape about 2″ wide and 1 1/2″ tall. You’ll need about 11 petals
Start by creating the center of the rose. Make a tube shape with one petal and glue together.
Squeeze the ends of another petal and surround and glue to the center
repeat on the other side of the center as if hugging the center petal.
Continue adding 5 more petals around the center with each layer becoming looser.
Now with the 3 remaining petals curl the base of the petal with a pencil and glue it to the bottom of the flower so that the curled part comes out at the top.
Repeat 2 more times
Add green leaves to the bottom of the flower
Glue the brooch pin to the bottom of the flower
and you’re done!
Easy beazy!

Photos by Brittany for Oh Happy Day


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