Mar 23

Zig Zag Accordion Streamers DIY

I made these cool zigzag streamers for Paul’s birthday last week but I forgot to take photos so I made Moses put on a hat and pose during Roman’s nap time today. My mom taught me how to make these and they are about the easiest party decor there is. All you need is colored paper and pair of scissors. Really, its that easy. Instructions Below. Ps: If you are looking for the party hat template go here.

Step 1: Start with some colored paper in the shape of a rectangle. Start on one of the long sides and cut a strip about 1″ wide but don’t cut all the way through.

Step 2: From there measure about 2″ from the first and cut again. Continue doing 2″ cuts on that side of the paper.

Step 3: Turn the paper over and make cuts (but not all the way through) half way between the 2″ sections. Et voilà! You have an accordion streamer to make you party festive.

I love these streamers because they don’t have to be perfect, my cuts are crooked and uneven but they still turned out great.

photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day


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