Jan 3

On Resolutions

Three years ago when I was thinking about how the next 5-10 years of my life would turn out, I wrote down three things I really wanted in my heart of hearts and taped them to my fridge. (I was writing on paint chips a lot back then, they make great colorful lists!) I’ve made some decent progress on #3 (but we’re taking a loooong break in that department.) #1 Isn’t an option right now but possibly in a few years when we’ve saved more pennies. But this year I only have one resolution. It’s #2 on my big list: Move to Paris for a year. I can’t believe its really happening. (And if you haven’t heard, my awesome older sister Gabrielle at Design Mom is coming too.)

Do you have a “big list?” The way I thought about my big list is if in 10 years if I just do these things, I will be happy and proud of what I’ve done with my time.


  • Traveling Mama says:

    Making your dreams come true is the best feeling in the world. I wish you loads of happiness in your new adventure this year! Hugs from Denmark!

  • P U R P L E - D E E R says:

    I can't even begin to dream about buying a house in S.F. Although it would be so, so nice! My friends are trying to sell theirs right now, but it's only a 2 bedroom. But super cute in Noe Valley.

  • Lost In Cheeseland says:

    Your life will change tremendously over the course of a year in Paris. Hope to get to meet you and be part of the ride!

  • Darci says:

    What a wonderful list. I love the paint chip idea. I will be using it with my advisory class to list their resolutions for the year. Love it.

    I have Paris on mine but I want to teach english over the summer there…should be doable.

  • Nuha Sofiyan says:

    How exciting!! Thats incredible to be moving to France (and to knock something off of your list too haha). Can't wait to hear all about it!

  • Katrin says:

    I love this. Also, I love love love your blog lately. I´m so inspired by your posts, so thank you, really.

    The year in Paris will be lovely I´m sure. If you ever feel like coming to Berlin/Germany do get in touch, I´d love to meet you. Happy 2011!

  • Funnelcloud Rachel says:

    That is awesome! Happy travels to you – may 2011 be spectacular!

  • Stephanie Sabbe says:

    love your list. so excited to follow your new adventure!

  • marta says:

    so inspiring to me. love that you are a goal-oriented gal. and i especially love the 'what to eat' meal list i spy. would love to know more about healthy meals.

    p.s. best wishes with moving to paris. my parents took all of us seven kids to england for a year. it was the best thing they ever could have done!

  • TankeTallerken says:

    My resolution this year is: Be more me..or..be me more..I just have to find out how to do this….Happy new year to you from Copenhagen

  • Sara @ House Bella says:

    I don't have a 'big list' but it's a wonderful idea. I can't believe you're moving to France. Mucho jealous. Maybe when my dogs die we'll do something similar (I know that sound just horrifically mean. But anyone who owns two big dogs out there will understand – I think).

  • jordan says:

    @Marta Those are the list of food ideas for my Toddler. I always need reminders for healthy snacks for him.

  • Anonymous says:

    Félicitation Jordan, que peut-il y a voir de plus délicieux dans la vie que la réalisation de ses rêves

  • Little Gray Pixel says:

    That's really exciting! I can't wait to read about your adventures.

  • laura @move to portugal says:

    My big wish was to move abroad and in 2012 it should come true!

    Enjoy Paris and I hope you get your house in SF eventually :)

  • Stephanie says:

    I love the idea of a "big list." I successfully completed somewhat big New Year's resolutions last year and made new ones this year, but I've never written down the really big things I want to do. Also, love the paint chip – so colorful and cherry! Happy New Year and good luck in your big move!

  • Jacklyn says:

    This is such a great post! I am a goal oriented girl as well. I have daily ones and big ones like your three. I absolutely love hearing when big dreams get accomplished! I can't wait to hear all about it! Congrats congrats!

  • kalanicut says:

    Love the whole idea of a 10 year list. Love that yours is piece-by-piece coming true!

  • EMILY says:

    You are WELL on your way, Jordan.
    Kudos to you. I LOVE making resolutions. It just feels good to have a reason to put goals on paper. x

  • Kelly says:

    Congrats Jordan I think you have just officially inspired me to go for it. I've been itching to go go go and I just haven't been able to think of how. Now it's no more excuses. Thanks!

  • christy says:

    SHUT THE DOOR! Oh, my goodness. A year in Paris? You are living my DREAM. I spent a month there with my husband and daughter (who was one at the time). Despite the brevity of four weeks, it changed my life as I hope your year does you. Okay, so envious and happy across the blogosphere! You are totally my favorite blogger EVER. I hope you have the best year. Bon voyage!

  • Miranda says:

    I'm sitting here staring at a giant stack of paint chips and realizing that I now have brightly colored lists at my disposal. :) Thanks for the inspiration. I really love the idea of a BIG list.

  • lizzie says:

    LOVE writing on paint chips, lady. great idea. you are fab…you're gonna rock 2011, for sure.

  • Martha says:

    love this! i do have a "life list" and it's really long, thanks to inspiration from mighty girl. 3 seems much smarter. can't wait to follow your paris adventures!

  • lynne says:

    You are amazing and I think it is incredible that you are making those big dreams happen!! So inspiring. Best of luck with the move! I can't wait to read about it this year.

  • Jen & Chris says:

    I have a list: I love lists, it's sitting on my desk and it reads; 1) Learn a foreign language 2) Live overseas for a year 3) Do humanitarian work overseas. I figure if I knock those out, I'll have accomplished something in life (the babies are a given). So happy for you and Gabby making your dreams come true! I am a huge believer in making goals and working toward them, that's the only way to make it happen! You are a HUGE inspiration to me!

    Do you plan on learning French?

  • jennifer ▲ i art u says:

    so incredibly happy for you! you inspire jordan!

  • TN says:


    When are you moving here? Can't wait to hear about your discoveries here in Paris! I read a lot of Paris blogs and love getting ideas of what to do with my little one in this great city! Where do you plan to live (general location)? We live in The Marais. Bonne Année

  • my best friend jules says:

    Congratulations! Moving to Paris for a year is great accomplishment :) My big wish is move back to Australia! And hopefully within the next 5 years it will happen! Thanks for the encouragement :)

    Looking forward to reading about your French adventures!

    Xo Mervi

  • Sally says:

    I have always wanted to live in Paris, but meeting the love of my life means it won't happen now… I really hope I can make it one day.

    Big up to you for doing it, I hope you ahve a great time

  • Rosa Navas says:

    Wow, this will be really a wonderful adventure!! Paris is a great place to live, I would love to stay there for some time too.

  • Nicole says:

    Just clicked on your sister's blog and saw that she is going to be in Normandy- I hope that you are going to be in Paris itself, I've really been looking forward to meeting you and the boys after you arrive!

  • lou says:

    gosh if i had such a list it would be driving me nuts. i have problems organizing the to do's of next weekend let alone the events of the next 5 years.
    BUT something that is really my dream-come-true-within-the-next-few-years is buying a house. definitely. and travel to the us-west coast. other than that… let's see.
    ah and i love those paint chip memo idea. :-)

  • mamagnome says:

    Yay! Congratulations on fulfilling your dreams! I am in Paris with two young boys. Please feel free to get in touch if you need anything with the move, or would just like to meetup. (Jennifer-jmss@berkeley.edu)

  • Anonymous says:

    I see your other list on the fridge of baby food suggestions…I've been having a hard time lately with what to feed my 12 month old. I like your ideas…anything that you'd recommend in the veggie department?


    lindsey_ncl @ yahoo.com

  • Anonymous says:

    I really like your printing.

  • janis says:

    i can't stop looking at that picture of moses' first haircut! SO ridiculously cute!

  • Anasua says:

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  • Amanda P says:

    I just came across your blog this evening .. very inspiring! I came across this post. I have to ask – why Paris?

    Paris was my dream since I was barely old enough to know WHERE Paris was. However, the kids came along and then the career so now Paris seems to be my retirement dream, lol.

    Good luck on your ventures! I will read about your new journey in complete awe and evvy as often as you post! :D

    I would love to know how this has come about as an opportunity for you!!

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