Jan 14

Moving Day

Today is the day the movers come. We’ve been trying to eat our last meals at our favorite spots in San Francisco. I’m going to miss the food here. I am not very sad about moving except when I think of leaving our apartment. It’s not that it is an especially great apartment–it is just that this is where we brought our boys home from the hospital and this is the only home they have ever known. When I think of all we have been through in the last 3.5 years I get a little teary eyed. It feels like the end of a chapter in our life.

I took pictures of our apartment before I tore it apart and I’ll do a proper house tour in a few weeks.

I also write for Babble.com Here are my posts this week.

Gasp! These are amazing.
Um, did you hear all the buzz about the Astrological signs changing?
I love the new Target line. Stripes!
These look kind of like the one I got from the French Flea Market.
I got one of these when Moses was a newborn and I LOVE them.
Could the French make a more charming toy than this?


  • Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) says:

    I can definitely relate. I feel the same way about my farm! But think of all that lies ahead in your exciting new chapter of life! You are SO BRAVE for taking this leap, especially with two little ones in tow!

  • Amy says:

    How exciting and we can't wait to hear all about your journey!
    Could you please list all your favorite places in SF. It's one of our favorite cities to visit and would love recommendations

  • kaili says:

    Jordan, as a long time reader I am also a bit sad – we've seen you do so many amazing things in that apartment / city – but at the same time can't wait to see what you'll come up with in Paris!!

    I am dying to know – do you leave the art books out all the time or is that just styled for the photo? I wonder if I could teach our 20-month old to "respect the books"…

    Bon voyage, bon courage, bonne route!

  • Amanda says:

    Paris food is the tastiest food, and soon you get to eat it all up.

    Bon courage!

  • vanessa joie says:

    happy moving day! i can't wait to hear about the adventures you'll have!

  • Sealicious says:

    If it's any consulation, you have so many DOCUMENTED memories of your apartment too :)

    Best of luck with your new adventure, I can't wait to read about it!

  • Grace says:

    Praying safe happy travels for your crew!

  • stephanie says:

    oh i understand – i am already starting to feel that way about our home, and we aren't moving for months yet! so many wonderful memories…but you have a new adventure coming and it'll be amazing!

  • Kerry says:

    I can't help but think of the hallway wallpaper you're leaving behind…all that work! Just think of all the inspiration you'll be racking up for your next home while you're away.

  • jordan says:

    @kaili the boys leave the art books alone. Although our youngest isn't quite old enough to do any damage yet.

    @Amy I'm working on a list!

  • EMILY says:

    Change is hard…and often bittersweet- I'm no good with it at all, but adventures shake up the soul a little and are always worthwhile. You can always come back! xo

  • R. Pyper says:

    I know this is the absolutely wrong time to ask this question (with your move and all), but I bought a thrifted dresser this summer with brackets very similar to those on your black dresser. The back of my dresser is stamped "Advanced Furn. Manu." from L.A. Was yours made by the same company? If so, do you have any idea its age? Thanks. :)

  • brialoves says:

    I am very extremely happy and excited for you. I moved to England from California three years ago so I know what it's like to move to another country (although, I think I'm here permanently…we'll see). I hope you have the best year ever and I can't was to hear about all your adventures!! :)

  • brialoves says:

    grr…I meant 'can't WAIT'

  • lizzie says:

    congrats in moving…i get sad EVERY time i move – even if it's from the tiniest little hole-in-the-wall dorm room or apt, it's always a new phase…but it'll be exciting. no worries.

  • Ashley says:

    Best of luck with your move, Jordan. I really admire your courage to move to a new place…it will be such a worthwhile journey. Please be sure to chronicle lots of it for those of us across the pond!

  • Alice Q. Foodie says:

    I always have that melancholy feeling when moving, like maybe we won't be as happy in the next place, but I am sure this is not just the end of one chapter, but the beginning of another exciting one. Bon Voyage!

  • janis says:

    have a good move! so excited to hear all about this new adventure!

  • Anonymous says:

    My husband and I both cried (I bawled) the last time we were in our first home together. First house we had, came home from the honeymoon to that house, All three babies came home to that house. I am very happy in my home 8 years later and it was a good move, but still have fond memories of the "first".

  • Funnelcloud Rachel says:

    Good luck, Jordan! I'm sure it's bittersweet, but what an amazing adventure awaits!

  • Connie says:

    I know it must feel sad to leave your home, but think of all the beautiful memories ahead for you and your family in Europe! Before you go, I echo the requests of previous commenters–I would love to know your food recs for San Francisco. I just recently moved to the Bay Area and am always looking for delicious places to try. Anyway, best of luck with tying up all the last minute loose ends.

  • Adrianne says:

    I can totally imagine. Even though sometimes our house drives me crazy and I'd love to move, it would be so hard to move from the only home our baby boy (and dog :) have ever known. But what an adventure – good for you! Can't wait to follow your new adventure!

  • Anasua says:

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  • lchan says:

    moving is so stressful, but i can't wait to read about your new life in paris!

    i absolutely love the pillow in this picture. i've been looking for something like it. where did you buy it?

  • Cardon + Kelly Webb says:

    good luck with the move! Can't wait to hear all about it once you are settled.

  • Rebekka Seale says:

    Oh, so many blessings to you and your family in this new adventure. I absolutely can't wait to see your new place in Paris…how exciting!!!


  • Renee says:

    Is your apartment available?

  • megasimple says:

    I can't wait to follow your journey. May your travels be safe and uneventful…until you are settled of course.

  • Notes from Holly St. says:

    Moving can be so exciting yet so emotional. I've grown attached to each apartment we've lived in and even if we're moving on to bigger and better places, I still find myself wanting to hold on to our old familiar home. Good luck with your move…you have so many new adventures ahead!

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  • Creole Wisdom says:

    I'm very excited for you and your sister. What a cool thing to do, a complete adventure for sure!

    I think Target is brilliant. I feel a little proud, it's a MN company and now they're expanding into Canada :) Very exciting!

  • Vintage is for Lovers says:

    Congratulations on taking the the leap of faith! I have to admit I am crazy jealous that you are making the move to Europe with your family! You are living my dream. I look forward to traveling, exploring, and loving every minute of it with you! Wishing you all the best! xo Samantha
    ps. I hope you don't mind if I share your Commission Project with my readers. They will Love!!

  • About Last Weekend says:

    Hi, so nice to meet you.(Jody here…Kiwi living in Oakland) I love how you had many colours in the room but it was so comfortable and elegant. Bon Voyage in your new life!

  • Miss Molly says:

    How do you do it all?

  • Shelley Ann says:

    good luck with moving! hopefully everything will go over smoothly :)

  • Damaris @Kitchen Corners says:

    have a happy and safe move.

  • Rumpa says:

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  • Bri (like the cheese) says:

    I JUST moved too! Tennessee to Florida – not quite as far, but far enough. It was the first home my husband and I ever bought and the only home my 3.5 year old remembers (we moved there when she was 18 months old). Both of my children were born in TN, and despite being a FL native myself, I was a bit sad that they had to leave their birthplace so young. However, once our furniture arrived in FL (yesterday), it started to seem a lot more like home again. :o) Best of luck with the move. I look forward to all the 'international' posts!

  • Jenna {Jenna Sais Quois} says:

    Good luck with your move! I know we all can't wait to see what you do with your new Parisian apartment. This year will be incredible, and I'm excited to hear all about it via this blog.

  • lady lyles says:

    Dear Ferneys, I'm so inspired by you guys right now! I am still saving up enough money for a move to San Francisco. It's where I've always dreamed of living. (I am originally from South Carolina, so it's honestly been kind of like trying to climb out of a black hole.) But Paris? Amazing. You guys are going to learn so much, and I look forward to following along.

  • Emily Fitzhugh says:

    First of all what a lovely room. I know how sad it can be to leave a home. But also think how much fun it will be to open a new exciting chapter of life. Congratulations. Hope the move goes smoothly, and things just feel simple. xoxo

  • Jill says:

    I'm curious how difficult the temporary wallpaper was to remove. Did you have to take it off? I assume you'd have to before you move. Just wondering because I'm thinking about doing it in my apartment.

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