Nov 5

Anthology is Here + Launch Party

I got a copy of Anthology Magazine in the mail this week (my subscription copy will come any day.) I was so excited to see two stories I got to play prop stylist on. Plus it made me so happy to actually get a REAL MAGAZINE in the mail. It is GORGEOUS, big props to Anh-Minh and Meg for pulling it off. I put it promptly at the top of my rotating glossies pile.

If you are in the Bay Area, there is going to be a launch party at West Elm in Emeryville. Also word to the wise, the amazing Caitlin Freeman formerly of Miette/and currently of MOMA Cafe fame will be providing the desserts. James Freeman of Blue Bottle Coffee is supplying the caffeine! What I’m trying to say is the woman who created this will be making you dessert. The only catch is you have to RSVP by November 8th, see information below.

Thursday, November 11th, 7-9pm

West Elm
5602 Bay Street in Emeryville

RSVP by 11/8 to
or 1-877-879-8950

In addition to desserts and refreshments, West Elm will be offering 20% off all purchases made during the party (with 10% of sales benefiting 826 Valencia).


  • Alicia Clinton says:

    sounds like a great time:) one question…where are those curtains from!? i love them.

  • Amanda says:

    I wanted to know the same thing Alicia! The curtains are beautiful!

  • Notes from Holly St. says:

    great news! i'm lusting over your curtains. i saw an armchair at Crate&Barrel upholstered in the same fabric and I LOVE it…are the curtains from Crate&Barrel too??

  • mer says:

    Just got the launch party evite today. Would totally go if it wasn't so far away. Cant wait to see the magazine in person!

  • Anonymous says:

    Too funny – I was just going to leave a comment to ask about the curtains but see I've been beat to the punch!

  • ttv says:

    Perhaps that magazines are so informative.

  • escalante blogger says:

    Thanks for it buddy.

  • cara. says:

    just a quick hello! great meeting you this weekend. you are hilarious. <3

  • pieface says:

    It was so nice to meet you on Saturday at the Little Winter Sale and I hope you all got home safely from your rainy weekend in P-town! I'm going to gear up and throw a "jordan ferney worthy party" (it's a working title). Not sure when, but you've inspired me. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  • Anonymous says:

    Another person that loves your curtains….please share the source.

  • kristina says:

    You can add me to the ever growing list of lovers of your curtains. Please do share the source! Thanks a bunch.

  • Rebekka Seale says:

    I love that you still have Domino on your stack…I can't let it go either! RIP Domino!!!

  • jordan says:

    I got the fabric last year . It's called Hedge its Duralee designed by Thomas Paul.

    I made the curtains.

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