Oct 22

Commission Project-Sold Out

Thanks everyone for the huge response to The Commission Project. Round one sold out in 36 hours and Round two is almost sold out (30 left!) I just wanted to thank everyone who posted about it. The internet is so supportive I want to just kiss it on the mouth. We knew we would need examples of the style of painting for this so I asked some of my internet friends if we could use their photos for reference.

Chelsea of frolic! let us paint the darling cottage she lived in while she was in Sweden. It is so photogenic it was easy to make it look good.

For Joanna from Cup of Jo Paul painted this one of sweet newborn Toby. So cute.

Jenny from Little Green Notebook had us use her photo from near where she grew up.

For rad Stephanie of Nienie Dialogues we did one of sweet Nicholas, (I want to eat up those cheeks!)

Allison from Hasel Bride let us paint her darling wedding shoes. (A great way to remember your wedding day, more subtle than say, a wedding photo.)

We still needed a pet portrait so I asked my bloggy friend Victoria from sfgirlbybay if we could paint her new puppy Lucy. (BTW I went to Victoria’s famous house a few weeks ago and it is unbelievably gorgeous.)

For Nicole of Making it Lovely she wanted us to use a cropped photo with the cool purse she made. I love how it turned out.

And for my friend Maggie of Mighty Girl (she is the next Oprah guys) we painted one of Hank who is one of the most gorgeous little kids.

Thanks again for the support. Paul is going to be painting like crazy for the next two months!

[Update- We have sold out. Thank you. To get on our email list please send an email to commissionapainting@gmail.com]


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