Jun 1


I’m so flattered that 7×7 (a San Francisco Magazine) featured my letterpress classes on their 2010 “Best of” list.

The dates for classes are
1. Saturday, June 19th (2 spots open) deadline: June 9th
2. Saturday, July 17th (open) deadline: July 7th
3. Saturday, August 21st (open) deadline: Aug 11th

More information here. Email me to sign up. ohhappydayblog@gmail.com


  • Noodles and Waffles says:


  • Wahzat Gayle says:

    Now that is Awesome!!

  • Mom in Mendon says:

    That's nice.

  • Bows and Sparrows says:

    Yay! I signed up for a class awhile back, but it got cancelled. Excited to see you're offering them again.

    I've been meaning to make cards for my blog (bowsandsparrows@blogspot.com) and this is just the place to make them!

  • Rebecca says:

    I'm thinking of planning a trip out to SF from NYC so that I can take one of your classes! I am madly in love with your cards.

    Congratulations on the press. Fantastic.

  • stephanie says:

    OMG is that a vandercook you are printing on?? :)

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