Apr 27

Vellum Mobiles

My latest Project Wedding post is up. If you’ve read this blog any amount of time then you know I love decorating with paper. I came up with this concept to create colorful installations by sewing strips of vellum together. They are very easy to make and you can make them in any colors to match your party. They look so modern and pretty. Read all the instructions right here.

Linens and Rentals from my friends at Abbey Party Rents.


  • Kersten says:

    This is identical to a hanging mobile sold at the MoMA store…couldn't find the designer name, but it's in there. Last time I visited I took a photo with full intentions to duplicate it because it looked so easy — thanks for the instructions!

  • emily says:

    These are so neat! I love the colors!!

  • Quindome says:

    Oh, my! This is so lovely, I wish I had a party to plan!

  • Meredith Perdue says:

    Lovely! Do you have a go-to source for vellum, Jordan?

  • Monica from Hola!design says:

    @Quindome: Me too, I want to plan a party, too!

  • Casey says:

    beautiful beautiful beautiful. would be a great mobile for over a crib, too!

  • Jen of Made By Girl says:

    WOW….these are so GORGEOUS! I would love these at my next party!! :))) Love that it has so many colors…

  • chelsea says:

    So clever and so you! I love it!!

  • Design Mom says:

    Gorgeous! And brilliant. Love it, Jordan Anne!!

  • Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches says:

    These are lovely :) What a cheery idea!

  • bink and boo says:

    B-E-A-utiful! I love this idea. Thanks for sharing.

  • megan russell says:

    yet another fabulous idea from you. can't wait to try…

  • Damaris says:

    I also saw this at the MOMA. I love it. I want to try and make it. thanks for sharing.

  • Honora says:

    What a fabulous idea! Perfect for any celebration. Genius.

  • seesaw designs says:

    jordan this is awesome! i love this so much. great job.


  • Anonymous says:

    Wow. Love it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Jordan, FYI the silverware placement is backwards! The knife/spoon go on the right under the water glass, the forks on the left.

  • Kayla Poole says:

    stunning! love the bright beautiful color!

  • rachel lee says:

    LOVE THIS. Im going to make one. I just finished making a huge mobile of origami cranes :) Ill post a picture soon.

  • Entertain Exchange says:

    I love these…they are GORGEOUS!

  • Courtney says:

    This is so fun! I love the colour palette.

  • Karen says:

    That's just what I needed! Something cheap but special for those special days that don't have a budget of their own. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Jordan - Polkadot Prints says:

    Oh I love this idea! What a winner! So easy, & so effective!

  • Kate says:

    Gorgeous & fun! I love it.

  • DapperPaper says:

    this is just SO fantastic and inspirational!
    I mean, the colors, ridiculous.

  • Moorea Seal says:

    um perfect.

  • mrs. c says:

    What a dadrling idea (can you tell I'm from the south!) i love how bright and colorful this displa is, can ou just see it in an outdoor tent with just a little breeze. love you sis's blog and now am a follower of yours! Thanks for sharing!

  • Laura PARING DOWN says:

    I love love love the colors and that they can be modified. I also love the modern look they have.

    Great idea!

    Happy Sunday,

  • Katie says:

    Thanks for sharing – I think I might need these as decorations for my birthday party in a couple of weeks..

  • Anna Joyce Design says:

    I love them! I am inspired to make something that pretty out of fabric….

  • Clouds says:

    wow this is pretty!!! Love the colours

  • kim @ stellacake says:

    so pretty – thanks for sharing!

  • Marisa@make*happy says:

    These are so great! They were the perfect low-cost, big-impact decoration for my daughter's rainbow birthday party.

    I couldn't find colored vellum in the short time I had, so I used rainbow colored cardstock. Due to the weight of the paper, I didn't need to add a weight at the bottom.

    Still worked very well. They were a big hit! (Photos on my blog, if you're interested.) Thank you for sharing your idea!!

  • The Wedding Contessa says:

    Beautiful unique decor! Thanks for telling us how to!

  • Heather Frazier says:

    My friend owns the original design so I recognized this and researched it and found the designers website:
    It was designed in 2004 by Brigitta and Benedikt Martig-Imhof. And yes, they can be purchased at the MOMA store as well as the designers website. I think it is always nice to credit the original designers:).

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