Apr 8

Best of Oh Happy Day: Treasure Hunt Party

This party I planned was for Aubrey’s birthday last year (it was her birthday this Tuesday- hb Aubs!) We told people to wear clothes they didn’t care about and comfortable shoes but we didn’t give many other details. When everyone showed up we divided the party into four groups and gave them clues and keys to Mini Coopers. A lot of us have zipcar memberships so we rented some for a few hours. The first clue had bag check numbers from four thrift stores in the Mission. (You know when they make you check your bags and give you a number.) At the thrift store everyone collected the bags and inside was a clue that sent people to the “Secret Slides.”

At the slides there were clues attached to the pieces of cardboard (there is a ton that people use to go down the slides.)

After the slides we ended up at Pier 7 where there was a clue dangling off the pier into the water.

The next clue sent us to the Chinese Fortune Cookie Factory where I had hidden the clues inside of the fortune cookies. That clue sent us to the Hyde Street Stairs which finally sent us to Crissy Field, right in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

When we got to Crissy Field there were a bunch of Holi colors we got at India supply stores. We had a huge color fight in front of the bridge–then we ate cupcakes.

Concept by Jordan Ferney with contributions by Rebecca Gholdston Photography by Paul Ferney

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